Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Printmaking is one of my favorite things to do with elementary kids. In part, because it feels like magic. And, in part, because it tends to be one of those things that even the least successful still look pretty good. Kids who struggle in other areas often find success in printmaking.

I tried a few new lessons this year. Taken from an arts and activities (I think?) Potato and apple printing, radial symmetry. Both Kindergarten and 2nd grade did this lesson.

First grade made styrofoam print cats, both with black ink and marker.
Second grade studied the dancer prints of Woody Crumbo and Degas. One child had a giraffe dancing in his glue print. Loved it!
More dancers!
Collagraphs by third grade. A study of symmetry with bugs. (Also from SA or A&A.)
A few more on display.
Fourth grade also used styrofoam to create self-portraits, which they printed three different ways - black ink on white paper, black ink on a tissue paper collage, and markers. This was one of my favorites.
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