Monday, July 4, 2011

Organizing Lessons

Organization is not my strongest suit, but I work at it. Once upon a time, I photocopied and printed lessons, and put them into folders by media. It worked/works ok, but I really don't want to keep printing so many things, too much paper waste. I am sure that I will still do some printing, but I wanted a better way to organize my online lessons. Sometimes I would copy all into a new document, which then went into a file on my thumb drive. Doable. I also would star items from blogs I followed on google reader. Also, doable. Several of my quilting friends have been telling me to join pinterest for awhile, but I didn't think about it as an education site. I decided to join, anyway. Now that I'm on, I am HOOKED. You add the "pin it" link to your dashboard, then click it on any photo you want to link. You can repin others' pins, which seems to be one of the best aspects to me. If you are linked to other art teachers, you can share and reshare ideas like crazy. The only downside I see at this point is that it only links to photos. I would like to be able to save text versions in the same space. So, if any of you are on pinterest, you can follow my art dashboard (or just check it out) at
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