Saturday, September 25, 2010

Line Boogie-Woogie

I've used Mondrian as a beginning of the year lesson for Kindergarten using paint in years past (idea from Cynthia Colbert, University of South Carolina.) It was nice to just kick off my students' first art experience with something exciting like painting. My situation is a bit different this year in that Kindergarten was HUGE at the beginning of the year. I decided I didn't want that many little kids painting just yet. (A new K teacher was hired and the class size is much more manageable.) Instead (ala Conway Elementary art teacher, Ms. Nicholson) we used precut lines and shapes from construction paper. Though I loved the lesson with paint as well, my kids really took off with these and I loved them.
These were my favorites. We talked about showing roads and building from a bird's eye view. This boy decided to add tunnels, too. Awesome! 

A few overpasses were added by this student in a different class. I love when kids just run with it!

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