Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year/New School

I change schools at semester, which pretty much has had me stressed for the past 6 weeks or so. Truly more than the change deserves. But let's break this down: I haven't taught art (except afterschool lessons) in 7 years. I'm basically starting my second new job of the year. I have to get my current classroom in order for the music teacher, plus set up my new classroom simultaneously. And the kicker: I am teaching all of those days, too. So, all of this prep needs to take place afterschool.

On the upside of things, my next school is a similar size, same part of town, many of the same challenges, but it has a sink! And, I already have my lesson plans for the semester! Of course, many of them that weren't particularly successful will change, either partially or completely. I also have a few new ideas (some that I've gotten from other bloggers) that I want to implement at the new school. Most of these are more classroom management ideas, such as having pk-k work in centers. My pre-k class at this school has already started, and I definitely love it with them.

My goal since about September has been how to figure out balance in this job. When I taught before, I didn't have children, my husband was gone a lot, and it was my life. I'm not willing to have this be my whole life. So, I'm struggling a bit with finding a way to still do my job well, but not have it take up so much of my time. Basically, the "work smarter, not harder" principle, (which is not an expression I've ever been fond of, but it fits here.) I have been reading tips that several art ed bloggers have posted recently, which I may be trying. We'll see how all of this goes.

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  1. Balance is a really tricky thing I'm finding out too. I know for a fact it gets easier (for me at least) every year. I've been teaching only 4 1/2 years but I've gone from staying way past 6:00 most days to hardly ever staying late. I usually try to get out 1/2 after the kids. I think that's fair. I remember how stressful the first year was. I hope you celebrate all your accomplishments. It's hard when we're put in impossible situations but still there are always small victories. I always liked what my husband would tell me "you did the best you could on that given day, in that given situation."

    Wishing you the best in the New Year in a New School!!!


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