Thursday, December 29, 2011

This worked for me! Tessellations

This lesson is from a couple of months ago, but it was highly successful. I taught tessellations years ago, but the way I did it was very confusing. Confusing for me, even more so for my students. I don't know why I didn't think of doing it with an equilateral triangle where mirror images complete the image. When I saw this idea back in September from Artful, Artsy, Amy, I was also desperate for lessons that used the supplies I had. Copy paper and markers were perfect for this 5th grade lesson. I used the hand out that Amy posted. As you can see from these examples, even less than perfect examples turned out pretty nice. You can see even more tessellations from our Artsonia gallery.
The one thing that I probably should have emphasized to my students was making sure that each figure was very distinct. Some of my students made robot-like figures that were difficult to put together successfully.
Thank you so much Amy for posting about this!


  1. Angie! I love your students' works. I'm so glad the lesson was helpful (and timely for supplies).

  2. Very cool, I love the way they look with people instead of shapes.


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