Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think I scared them away!

We have volunteers at our school. I didn't realize this. Or, maybe I didn't realize that any of them would want to volunteer in my room. I had two volunteers for a couple of days two weeks ago. They prepped some paper for me, then THEY TOOK PHOTOS FOR ARTSONIA! I had worried about letting someone else do it, but it worked out fine. They weren't perfect, but could be edited. My own photos are often not perfect, either. I was so excited to have the help, and then they haven't returned :( Perhaps, I scared them away?!

One of my sixth graders asked what she could do when she was finished with her painting. So, I handed her my camera and let her finish the rest of the photos from that group. She wasn't perfect, either, but I am more comfortable telling a student how to make the photos better. I am taking the help where I can get it these days!

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