Monday, August 27, 2012

Olympic Rings

 As I wrote before, this Olympics poster definitely looked like paper roll stamped rolls to me. First day of school for Pre-K and Kindergarten. It made for a bit of a wild class, with so many kids who don't know they can't just wander the room.
 Even though this wasn't much of a creative lesson, the kids still managed to make them their own. I love passing these young classes, and hearing myself called "the paint lady." Painting is a nice way to start the year.


  1. A great background for the Olympics, and adaptable to loads of other themes by changing the color choices. Thanks!

  2. These really are just so beautiful!!

  3. Hi Angie - thanks for following me at my new Dream Painters site (you are my very first follower, how exciting!) - I fixed up the link error you found - thanks so much! I refollowed you with my google account so that I could more easily add your link to my page, and now I'm there twice! I hope that doesn't muck up your stats, as I think it makes me your 100th! :)

  4. I had each student in Kindergarten stamp one circle to make a collaborative version of this. We talked about what we can learn from Olympians- like teamwork! I have 6 classes of Kindergarteners so the first 5 each had one color and the 6th used the leftover paint.


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