Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sesame Street Color

Have you seen this cute color video?
This is such a cute video for primary and secondary colors. As I was on the Sesame Street site, I found other short videos that would be perfect for PK and Kindergarten, including shapes at an art museum and Chuck Close. Check them out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think I scared them away!

We have volunteers at our school. I didn't realize this. Or, maybe I didn't realize that any of them would want to volunteer in my room. I had two volunteers for a couple of days two weeks ago. They prepped some paper for me, then THEY TOOK PHOTOS FOR ARTSONIA! I had worried about letting someone else do it, but it worked out fine. They weren't perfect, but could be edited. My own photos are often not perfect, either. I was so excited to have the help, and then they haven't returned :( Perhaps, I scared them away?!

One of my sixth graders asked what she could do when she was finished with her painting. So, I handed her my camera and let her finish the rest of the photos from that group. She wasn't perfect, either, but I am more comfortable telling a student how to make the photos better. I am taking the help where I can get it these days!

Monday, January 2, 2012

First grade cat prints

First grade students studied the cat prints of Steinlen and Warhol. After looking at different cats, students made drawings that were transferred to Styrofoam. We printed the cats in two different ways. With traditional black ink,
and by drawing on the styrofoam with markers, before printing on damp paper.
I thought I had the technique down, making sure the paper had just the right amount of water on them.
Many of them turned out great. I love the color and the soft effect on these.

But many more turned out like this. I am pretty sure most of these students printed on the wrong side of the paper-the one that didn't have as much water on it. I need to change something about this lesson to make it a bit more successful. I think I may make it take a bit longer and have students print in smaller groups, so that I can make sure they are printing on the damp side. And, so that they have enough ink on their blocks for the black prints, too. Any other suggestions?

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