Tuesday, February 8, 2011



We received 14+ inches of snow last week, which SHUT DOWN the state. Snow plows were slow, and I guess they won't have school unless EVERY neighborhood street is clear. We got another inch or two on Friday, but quite a bit melted over the weekend. Still, no school Monday, Tuesday, and they've already called it for tomorrow. We are supposed to get 5-10 more inches in the next 24 hours, which would not be that big of a deal for quite a bit of the country but, obviously, we won't be having school for the rest of the week AT LEAST. Please melt. Please melt. Please melt.

(Why yes, I AM feeling rather dramatic about the whole thing.)


  1. Oh dear, I feel so bad for you. What a mess! America's heartland should be prepared for weather! You make me feel bad about my post of the day, which shows snow this morning but roads all ready to drive on. Pretty cocky of me, I guess. I wish we could loan you our plows.

    What will happen with school? Here in NY we have a required # of days for school to be in session, so you can't just add hours on to make up for missing time. You need the DAYS. Do you have any similar regulations about days in session?

    My heart goes out to you.

  2. We have the same problem at my school. We went only Monday last week and today this week. We are supposed to get 8" tonight, so school will be out the rest of the week. We have to make up the days, too. It will be a short summer.

  3. Oh Phyl, how sweet that you feel bad for us! You have so much more snow, but keep on truckin' to school. I don't know if we can add hours or not? This is my first year in OK, so I don't know what they will do. I'm just frustrated.


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