Sunday, May 1, 2011


These are just a few samples of our oil pastel drawings from February. (Yes, from February.) I used a couple of tried and true lessons that were just turning out not so great. Fourth grade (above) studied Minnie Evans, and were creating drawings with symmetry.
Second and third grade studied Faith Ringgold and were creating oil pastel versions of story quilts.

On both of these kids just seemed to be almost scribbling. For the most part, I consider oil pastels to be a near win on every project. I love them. These were mostly turning out flat. I just stacked them up and didn't look at them for awhile. Looking back at them, they aren't quite as bad as I had originally thought. However, this is another case in point for me to use portfolios to keep art. The kids (besides the ones I'm showing you) could definitely have saved their drawings with another look.


  1. Never heard of the artist, Minnie Evans - that sounds promising for a future lesson! Here are a few tips for oil pastel - use 'em or lose 'em: When using oil pastel with my students, I insist that the color of the paper cannot show through (I usually use construction paper) and encourage layers of color - mixing colors right on top of each other. Downsize the size of the composition to insure good craftsmanship & success in the time allotted.

  2. I have the same requirements, but just couldn't seem to get the kids motivated for this lesson. Perhaps the size was part of the problem. I like large, though. I think it was another example of them getting bored, me getting frustrated and more time needed.

  3. I know so many bloggers love oil pastel, but I have problems with them too. I agree w/Nancie Kay's advice, but it's hard to get the kids to do that. I find that with oil pastels if we work too small the kids try to do details that are just not possible. I need to try again I guess.


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