Monday, April 25, 2011

Steal like an art teacher

I didn't just use Phyl's project for 4th graders, I stole most of her Matisse lessons for the month.

Second graders created Fish-Ish, inspired by both Ish and Matisse. Ish was already one of my favorite books, and one I read to classes at the beginning of the year. I liked the emphasis on it for this lesson, though. Students had a pretty hard time painting the background. I think I will make it simpler if I do this lesson again. However, by the time we added the fish bowl, table and leaves, the project came together fairly well.

I also used Phyl's lesson for "Wild Beasts." Like hers, we talked about how Matisse was a fauve, which means wild beast. We used bright colors and patterns, in the style of Matisse, to paint our animals.


  1. I'm honored! But it's only stealing if you don't have permission, and of course you DO. I'm glad to see that some of my ideas get a new life outside of my art room, and I think your results are terrific. I like art that looks kid-made (template-free)and your students' work looks great!

  2. Coolness! I sent you (and Phyl) the Versaitle blogger award. Check out my site for details


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