Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eric Carle Color Collage

 Painted paper while studying Eric Carle is nothing new. We were inspired by Eric Carle for K and 1st grade students to also study how to mix primary colors to create secondary colors. Students painted full pages of paper with color mixing. Later, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, plus looked at other Carle insect books before making our own collages.
 Collage painted papers always turn out pretty great. I was really proud of these students, though. They really did a fantastic job.

This student wanted to use his purple paper as the sky. Turned out nicely, I think. 


  1. Beautiful! They look like the real thing!

  2. always remember, it IS new to the kids who are doing it for the first time! you are right, the painted paper collages always look great. the one on top looks like someone flying overhead...

  3. My coworker and I have that conversation a lot - we might tire of a lesson that we've done for years and think about doing something "New and Never Before Seen" - but then I get concerned about kids missing out on classic lessons - like your EC collage! I have a few that I consider traditions, and I don't vary from them too much, but then I have many others that I tweek constantly. It was just funny when I read your opening - it set off a long-running conversation with myself - didn't mean to sound like your mom with the "always remember..." haha!


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