Monday, February 6, 2012

Hundertwasser Inspired Prints

This was my first time to teach reduction printmaking. Heck, this was my first time to DO reduction printmaking. I was inspired by The Crayon Lab, and will definitely be doing the type of printmaking again. For these prints, I used craft foam. I like how the craft foam prints compared to Styrofoam. After studying the architecture of Hundertwasser, students designed their own buildings. We printed with three different colors and let the kids have free reign on which colors they chose. I would probably talk more to them next time about creating more contrast. Some paid attention this time, but others used three dark colors. While I think these prints did turn out nicely, the second set of printing hardly shows. I think we needed to do a bit more reducing between the second and third print. I found a few more examples of reduction printmaking that I thought were nice (pinned!) at Use Your Coloured Pencils and Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. The contrast was really nice in both, plus the second one seemed a bit simpler with two colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful - i really like the architecture combined with the printed foam - well done!


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