Monday, March 5, 2012

Picasso Roosters

Another great Picasso lesson from Mary Making
I pretty much followed her lesson, with an emphasis on reusing materials. We used old mat board for the base, created the background with a phone book and old catalogs. I tried using wallpaper as well. Not a good idea. Both the wallpaper and some of the catalogs really resisted the paint. On the catalogs it added a nice effect, but was just a waste of time to paint on the wallpaper. I also used oil pastels to draw an outline of the rooster rather than painting it. The kids just have more control with drawing materials. 
They turned out nice even for the students who missed the first day.

I really liked the addition of collage, though. And what else are you going to do with phone books?


  1. How Fun! Love any project that is Picasso inspired! :)

  2. These roosters and the Picasso Portraits look wonderful! Great job by your students. Thanks very much for the mention.


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