Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picasso's Blue Rose

This was another great lesson from another blogger, Phyl from There's A Dragon in my Art Room. This was such a fun study of Picasso's Blue and Rose periods, while teaching the students about monochromatic color schemes.
My students were a bit thrown with not having skin tones. "How do we make brown?" I reminded them that we were making monochromatic paintings. Some of the students didn't seem to know how to approach painting the face with that restriction.
Our last day, we used various oil pastels in the blue or red range, along with black and white to add details. This really helped a lot of students' work.

I was very happy with the results of these paintings. Thanks again, Phyl for another great lesson!


  1. Oops, third graders! Thanks!

  2. Your results look better than mine :) I love the addition of the oil pastels. Kudos to you and your kids!

  3. Nice blog. You may be interested on a post on the Picasso exhibition currently in Sydney that is going to Toronto in April.

  4. Oil pastels are one of my favorite media - thanks for the idea...

  5. I really like these! They came out great! Thanks for sharing! :)


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